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Online classes

Every time I complete Tracy’s class on a Friday evening, I always feel so much more supple. I often find some of the moves challenging but it’s all worth the effort for the feeling at the end of the class. Tracy’s professionalism and dedication and commitment is excellent. I highly recommend an online class with Tracy.

John Bayne

Tracy’s Yoga

Love Tracy’s classes. I could never touch my toes (not even as a kid), but i can now!! I feel great after each class and they have help me maintain strength in muscles that I had stopped using.

Sally Darrah

Excellent classes

I have attended Tracy’s classes for a few years now and I am always amazed that she can still surprise us with new moves and routines. She is a wonderful teacher who demonstrates and describes each move and encourages us to try harder if we can. The classes are challenging and uplifting and I feel much stronger and more flexible than I have ever been. Thank you Tracy!

Christine Malcolm

Late starter

I came to yoga late and now nodding towards 70. Tracy’s classes are perfect – she watches me pushes me gently but is very aware of limitations and so really safe. Also classes are great fun and attract lovely people. I have made many new friends. Strongly recommend. I try and go twice a week

Elaine Tait

Yoga you can commit to.

Tracey teaches yoga with a structured and easily accessible approach. In the nearly two years I have attended her classes I have gradually improved my strength and flexibility. I enjoy the challenge of the classes and the shared experience with the other members of the class. Maintaining the routine of attending classes has encouraged a more positive outlook in my life and I would definitely recommend her classes to others.

Claire McCrimmon

Fantastic yoga class – so happy to have found it

I’m so happy
To have found Tracy’s class, which is the perfect mix of challenging and achievable. She is personally very inspiring, clear in her instruction and the classes are varied and interesting. So much planning must go into how easily they flow. A lovely bunch of fellow yogis too. 😉

Liz Jeffrey

Great classes

It has taken me a long time to find a class I really enjoy since moving to the area. Tracy’s classes are always challenging but very enjoyable.

Shiona Crichton

Excellent instructor

Four years down the line and I’m still being challenged with every class. Absolutely brilliant.

Sandy Olm McRae

Brilliant and challenging

I’m so glad to have found Tracy’s class. I moved here from Brighton and was really missing my classes and now I’ve found a brilliant one right on the doorstep. Tracy clearly knows her stuff and ensures we’re correcting our poses when we need to. It’s challenging enough to feel like I’ve done a class but not so much that I can’t walk up the stairs!

Lucy-Anne Bryans

Inspiring yoga from Tracy

Tracy’s classes are inspiring, challenging, and I always feel invigorated after the practice. Tracy’s knowledge of yoga and her ability to do yoga is awe inspiring and motivates me to always try hard. She is always encouraging and kind in class, and I have become stronger and fitter from going to Tracy’s classes. Thank you Tracy!

Laura Wood-Goulbourn

Fantastic classes!

Discovering Tracy’s classes have been a godsend for me – they have just the right balance between nurturing and challenging, and I always leave them feeling uplifted , stronger and a bit more flexible! Tracy is a fantastic teacher, always with an eye for detail on how to correct our postures, and I Iove how the class is varied every week, and there’s always something new to learn .Thank you Tracy!

Elaine Closs

Friday class

I must say I absolutely love attending yoga with Tracy, I love how every week is a different routine.
Her warm ups are fab and always prepare our bodies for the asanas we go on to practice. Tracy always explains the asanas and describes how best to move into them and what muscles and body parts we should pay attention to while in the
asana. If I can become even half the teacher Tracy is I will be super proud and have her to thank for a lot of my yoga experience

Lisa Dow

I can honestly say Tracy’s yoga classes are the best …..

I can honestly say Tracy’s yoga classes are the best I have ever done; it is truly a mark of a good teacher when they can talk through the poses fluidly whilst demonstrating in reverse (i.e. talking about moving the left arm/leg but moving her own right arm/leg as facing the students so it ‘looks’ right to the class) as well as noticing individuals needing a little correction here and there as well. I’ve done series of classes before where it’s exactly the same every week; not with Tracy – the classes are a great balance of core stances (e.g. sun salutation and warrior poses) interleaved with new positions every week, to keep us continually learning and developing. I leave the classes feeling stretched, uplifted and positive, I wish I could start every day with one!

Emma Harper Bulgin

The best yoga class in town ! Highly recommended

I have been attending Tracy’s vinyasa yoga for years now and look forward to the power yoga on Sundays .There is always a thorough warm up to stretch you out before going through a different sequence each week. It’s challenging but has definitely improved my muscle strength ,posture and general flexibility, which is much needed after sitting at a computer all day. Tracy is a great teacher who gives clear instructions and is very motivating too, what’s not to like ?!

caroline gill

The most relaxing time of the week ..

I attend the zoom classes with Tracy on a Friday evening which is a great time for me as I work lots through the week, Tracy is amazing, supportive throughout the session and if I can’t make class Tracy is flexible with forwarding on a pre-recording where I can catch up at my leisure, so I don’t miss out. The structure of class is good, the class builds up to some poses that do make me work /break out in a sweat but I feel I am building strength well and feel the benefits from this next time is a little easier, body feels so much more supple, great for both physical and mental health, love it so much xxx

Frances Sosnowski

My Weekly Yoga Fix be Lost without it!!

I have been attending in person classes with Tracy for the last 5yrs plus and so look forward to my weekly fix of Vinyasa Yoga great different content each week which
challenges your body n soul week in week out and I love how Tracys classes are strong all over body work out and I always leave the class smiling n invigorated.. Tracy is a beautiful soul n a fantastic yoga teacher and I look forward to lots more of her classes in the future.. Xx

Lynn McDowall

Great for the body and soul!

I have been doing in person classes twice a week with Tracy for about 5 months now and I really enjoy the way her yoga teaching inspires me to persevere and try harder and it continues to challenge me. I can feel the steady improvement I am making and can do things I never thought I would be capable of. Great for the body and soul!

Melanie Scullion

Consistently great yoga classes

I’ve been doing yoga with Tracy for at least five years, and am still challenged and engaged by every class. Fantastic teaching, varied and challenging for every level, with great attention to detail. You always emerge feeling so much better than when you arrived. Top marks!

Karen Bayne

Amazing classes!

I look forward to every class with Tracy. Each session is varied, challenging and enjoyable. She’s a fantastic teacher and gives lots of options to allow you to tailor your session. I’ve been to many yoga classes, but Tracy’s classes and by far the best!

Maureen Bray

Great online class

Having wanted to try yoga for some time I decided to try online yoga with Tracy. I have found Tracy’s classes to be fun, innovative & easy to follow. With different days to choose from I can change to suit when I want to take part. Great class , highly recommend!

Alison Laidlaw

Love everything about it

No classes at the gym is not a problem. I can still do online classes at home in Hong Kong, live streaming with Tracy all the way from Scotland! And I get the perfect workout from Tracy everytime! ???

Shanice Chung

Lockdown, the opportunity to return to yoga.

This unprecedented period of self isolation gives people like me the opportunity to either re-visit or learn to adopt positive/healthy routines into our life’s.

After a 2 year hiatus from yoga, I came across Tracy. A dedicated, experienced teacher, who is clearly passionate about the virtues of her profession. She is personable and offers great support to her students. I’m already starting to feel the benefits of taking these classes.

Simon pitt

Perfect workout online!

I’m so glad that I’ve found Tracy teaching Yoga online live stream! Tracy is a brilliant instructor. Even though I’m in London and Tracy is in Scotland, I find her very clear and knowledgeable. It has definitely helped me work through my anxiety during this lock down in the UK. It transforms you for a better fitness and balance, and great for your mind and soul too! I highly recommend Tracy. Just give it a try! I’m already looking forward to her next class! Namaste! ?

Michele Mok


I have been putting off starting yoga for years but by some stroke of fortune, Tracy’s post popped up on my FB feed and I am so glad. I was always worried I wouldn’t be “bendy” enough but vinyasa yoga is not at all about difficult poses. Tracy gently guides the class as though she were taking a one-to-one practice.

Morven Clark

New to Tracy’s Yoga and Already Addicted

I am new to world of yoga and Tracy’s classes. Have been to just 3 sessions so far, I am confident that I am here to stay. Tracy has been very welcoming and attentive. I would have wanted to do at least 2 sessions a week, but unfortunately unable to work commitments.
Overall, I’m very glad I found Tracy’s classes online and already looking forward to the next session and my only wish would be to have an extra evening session during the first half of the working week sometime.
Thank you.


Tracy is a confident and

Tracy is a confident and experienced teacher who explains the postures clearly and is easy to follow. In each class she focuses on different parts of the body which definitely helps a lot with strength and flexibility. Plus the atmosphere is casual and welcoming – a perfect mix!

Elaine Melville

Starting yoga

Tracy has been a fantastic first teacher. She has made me feel at home and helped adapt moves to suit my stiffness. Started yoga at 63 and 6 months in am still pretty hopeless but definitely more supple than I was. Never too late to start!!

Elaine Tait

Great toning and strength

Tracy is a really brilliant teacher. I’ve been going on and off for a few years. While away I noticed how my muscles were less toned and my strength had gone. Really pleased to be back at class. New variations keep it interesting and you can work to your own level. Brilliant value for money too. Top class.

Leah Hicks


Tracy is a fantastic teacher. I enjoy every class, the corrections and encouragements Tracy provides. Every class is different and challenging making sure that you work your body holistically. I can only highly recommend Tracy’s classes to new comers as I once was as well as hardened yoginis. Tracy has been paramount to me becoming confident in my own abilities.

Sybille Binder

Fantastic class

I really like Tracy’s classes, specially the power yoga. I felt I was able to increase my flexibility and fitness at the same time.


Fantastic yoga class

I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of the Power Yoga class in Crook of Devon. Tracy is an excellent teacher who is able to
encourage & motivate in her class. I am very sorry that the numbers have dropped resulting in the class being stopped. I hope that we can reopen the class in the
village in the future. Thanks Tracy.

Sara Campbell

Motivational Encouragement and Inspiration with Patience.

I discovered Vinyasa Zone in January 2017.
Tracy is a fabulous teacher pushing you with gentle encouragement but neveri any pressure.
I love my yoga classes and the benefit the practice has has given me both mentally and physically and am I more flexible than I have been for years.
No 2 classes have never been the same and always finish class with a massive smile in my soul.

Thanks Tracy
see you next week x

Jackie Kelly

Fantastic teacher

Thank you so much Tracey for making me realise I could be as flexible as I am! Without your help I would not be as fit and healthy as I am! The classes are never the same and I am very thankful that you decided to make Crook of Devon one of your venues! Thank you so much for your encouragement every single week!

Linda Thomson

Excellent class

Having started going to Tracy’s classes in August I have enjoyed them very much. I think Tracy is an inspirational teacher, and gently encourages you to progress in each class. Excellent!

Laura Wood-Goulbourn

Fantastic yoga class

I visited Tracy’s class while visiting friends in Kinross. As a man taking part in this class, I was welcomed & had a great yoga experience. Friendly group & excellent instruction by Tracy. I would happily recommend this class to anyone who enjoys a good yoga experience.


Tracy is my favourite yoga

Tracy is my favourite yoga teacher. She provides a safe and comfortable environment for all levels to practice in. The classes are never the same twice which keeps every practice fresh and fun. I always feel better after practicing yoga at vinyasa zone. The mental and physical benefits of yoga go further than on the mat.

Gemma Kennedy