VINYASA is a Sanskrit term meaning “enter and exit from one posture to another”. Vinyasa Yoga is a form of ‘Flow Yoga’ that links different postures together with the breathing. This sequential movement interlinks postures to form a continuous flow combined with calming music. It often leads to dynamic postures in the advanced levels.


In Vinyasa practice, the postures and breathing help to build lean muscle mass on the whole body. The different postures like standing, sitting, hip opening, arm balancing, back bends and inversions all help to energise your inner strength and tone different muscle groups. TWISTING throughout the practise helps to detox the body and to bring more fresh oxygen into the blood flow, while STRETCHING helps to elongate and loosen the muscles and allows you greater mobility and flexibility.


Powerful Flow Yoga classes held in Kinross and Crook of Devon to enhance your inner energy and bring your fitness level to the top. By linking postures with your breathing this Vinyasa Yoga will help you to find a higher level to your inner strength. Whether you are a complete beginner or regular practitioner, choose a class to suit your ability or push yourself out of your comfort zone. Based in Perth & Kinross-shire with classes at Kinross & Crook of Devon, why not drop in to one of our classes & feel the benefit of this Vinyasa Yoga.